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Alloy wheel welding

We repair alloy wheels that have been cracked due to pot holes. Ring for a quote, we normally repair the same day while you wait. … [Read more...]

Swimming pool walkway

We were asked to make a walkway for happy tiddlers the only problem we had less than 2 weeks to design, make and install it before they opened … [Read more...]

Storm Trooper

Cut this out on the machine then gave it a quick paint. This can be scaled up or down depending on size, the biggest being about 4 foot!!IMG_2994 click the link to see the video. … [Read more...]

Library ladder

We were asked by David Head Furniture Makers to make a rolling library ladder. Very interesting as we have never made one before, so we ordered some very nice castors and a nice sliding track and then made the ladder. The result was very nice. … [Read more...]

Glass Balustrade

We were approached by a building company in Luton to rip out a old balustrade and replace it with something modern. The job was in Birmingham and required a quick turnaround. We measured the job up and back to the office to design the new glass balustrade. We spent a day designing the new balustrade on the computer before we could order the glass. Once ordered the stainless steel handrail was ordered so we could make the posts, wile waiting for the glass to be cut. With such a tight … [Read more...]


We were asked to make a canopy for a fire in a local public house. We went along to measure up and also to do a smoke test to make sure there was enough pull on the chimney. The pub had a gas fire before, so we organised for a gas safe engineer to come along to disconnect the fire. We went back to the workshop to start making the canopy. We designed the canopy on a computer, then transferred it to our CNC plasma cutter to profile the parts. We bent the parts and welded it together, then riveted … [Read more...]

AGA Wenlock stove

After doing a survey on this job we recommended fitting a 904 stainless steel liner. The client accepted our quote so we proceeded. We noticed that the stove would be a tight fit in the opening, so we decided to make a offset pipe to connect the stove to the stainless steel liner. We made the offset pipe and the register plate at our workshop, using our CNC plasma machine to cut out the pipe. Next we rolled the metal into a pipe and welded the three bits of pipe together. Once the liner was … [Read more...]

Stovax Stockton 5

We installed a wood burning stove in Westoning just before christmas. This involved knocking out the opening to have enough clearance around the stove for a air gap. We made a register plate which was fitted, then a slate hearth was installed. We then rendered the back and sides, then measured up to make a sheet metal frame to go around the opening. The frame was painted black to match the stove. … [Read more...]

Clearview 400

We recently finished installing a clearview 400 stove into a house in St Albans. We had to knock out the fire place to make room for this stove to fit. After we had knocked out the opening to the right size, we fitted the hearth. Once this had dried we fitted a register plate with a soot door. Once this was done we made good by rendering the back and sides, and re-plastering the front wall to make it look nice again. A good job done. … [Read more...]


Just finished some welding work on this lovely car. Now back to the paint shop for painting. We worked on this car earlier in the year, we replaced all the wheel arches and replaced all of the front where the grill fits in. We produced that panel work on a English wheel. … [Read more...]

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